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Whether you operate in retail with state-of-the-art POS systems or thrive in the digital realm with custom-designed payment gateways, Pepper Pay ensures merchants can securely and seamlessly accept payments, catering to your customers' preferences.

From ACH to Debit and Credit Cards, we offer a comprehensive suite of payment solutions tailored to your business's unique needs. Elevate your payment experience with Pepper Pay and watch your business flourish.

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We take the stress out of payment processing so you can spend time building better customer relationships

One Platform, One Sign-on, Complete Payment Experience

One payments platform, one single sign on, for multiple payment processing solutions. A single payment solution for businesses of all sizes so you can focus on providing a client-centric experience and experience value in the simple and seamless process of collecting and tracking your payments.

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Benefit From a Payment Partnership

Partnering with Pepper Pay allows your business to offer customers more ways to pay, keeping the momentum of a sale, ease of doing business and allowing you to create long-lasting relationships with customers you already have while attracting new generations of fresh customers accustomed to “frictionless, on-the-go” payments.

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Complete Transparency Always,
No Rate Increases Ever

Partner with Pepper Pay because we care about your bottom line. Grow your business in confidence with a payment partner that doesn't increase rates, has zero hidden fees and provides complete visibility into costs and pricing at the lowest rates.

Seamless Integration, Connectivity for You

From on the go to at your location, mobile and e-Commerce to POS, connect all points of sales and data into a single platform that allows your businesses to seamlessly integrate wherever you are.

Payment Gateway

Our proprietary gateway includes a virtual terminal, hosted forms, interchange optimization and PINless debit transaction routing and much more. Pepper Pay allows you to build a custom solution when needed. We have a robust developer API library for those looking to build their own payment solution. Our API includes instructions on how to collect payments, manage your transactions and create custom solutions for your unique needs.

Turning Transactions Into Experiences

Focus on the experience, not the payment. With state-of-the-art security and marketing-leading risk & fraud protection, Pepper Pay lets your audience connect with peace of mind.

Powering All The Ways Your e‑Commerce Store Does Business

We provide a gateway solution for every business model. Our virtual terminal includes all of the bells and whistles you would expect. Easily key in transactions with numerous features, such as PINnless debit, tokenization, level 2 & 3 processing and automated email receipts. Accepting payments has never been easier with Pepper Pay's virtual terminal.

  • Gateway features to fit your business because every business is different.
  • Bill customers easily: manage subscriptions and benefit from smart rerouting.
  • Interface that makes selling easy, a checkout experience that brings customers back
  • Third party software agnostic for ease of integrations.
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Whether over the phone, by order form, or in-person, Pepper Pay provides a comprehensive payment processing solutions for e-commerce stores.

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