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Transform your business operations with the benefits of fee-free credit card processing. Pepper Pay makes payments fair for everyone by offering technology-automated compliance for cash discount and surcharging rules. Wherever applicable, our innovative approach allows businesses to offset credit card processing fees by leveraging cash discount and surcharge programs. Experience the freedom of fair and efficient payment solutions with Pepper Pay.

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Empower your business with fee free credit card processing

Fee Free Feature

Seamlessly pass 100% of credit card fees to customers compliantly online or in-person. Pass on the fee for credit card transactions with Pepper Pay while also offering customers the ability to choose debit transactions as a reduced fee option.

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Compliance and Risk Mitigation

  • Full compliance with Federal, State, and Card-Brand Requirements.
  • No State by State restrictions
  • No worries vabout lawsuits, fines, and merchant cancellation.

Fee Reduction and Cost Savings

  • Substantial decrease in card association fees and merchant charges.
  • Significant reduction to payment acceptance costs.

Financial Management and Reporting

  • True Split Funding.
  • Cash Discount Reconciliation Reporting.
  • Extremely configurable for handling multiple use cases and scenarios.

Transaction Flexibility

  • Available for both card present and card not present transactions.
  • Flexibility to pay by ACH or Credit.
  • Support for Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH Processing.

Compliance and Security

Ensure compliance with state laws and rules set by credit card brands. Pepper Pay knows the importance of compliance and security, protecting your payments from processing fees by staying at the forefront of merchant advocacy. We have done the work for you, to protect your business and allow you to focus on running your operation how you see best.

  • Must be registered with the card brands.

Our team provides easy access to notify the card brands of your intention to surcharge.

  • Must inform customers of the surcharge with appropriate signage.

Our team provides guidance and access to necessary signage as applicable. 

  • Amount of the surcharge must not exceed 3%, and merchant cannot profit from the fee.

Our solution determines credit card fee that never surpasses 3%.

  • Surcharge amount and price of the product/service must be processed together.

Our solution processes the credit card fee and the purchase amount as one transaction.

  • Receipt must show the amount of the surcharge as a separate line item.

Our solution produces a receipt that itemizes the credit card fee.

  • Must not apply a surcharge to debit cards.

Our solution automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee.

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Increase Your Revenue! Your Fully Compliant Solution to Reduce Your Costs.

What would your business look like with these potential savings through Pepper Pay?

Processing Volume $100K $500K $1M
Avg. monthly cost NO Fee Savings $2,025 $10,125 $20,250
Avg. monthly cost WITH Fee Savings $506 $2,531 $5,062
Monthly Savings $1,518 $7,594 $15,188
Annual Savings $18,225 $91,125 $182,250

* Based on Pepper Pay merchant case study

** Merchant expenses and actual savings may very per merchant and per fee savings program

Cash Discount

During these challenging times, every dollar saved can make a difference for your business. Pepper Pay provides small businesses the ability to take control of their credit card processing, save money on fees and focus on growing their business. That's why our Cash Discount Program allows you to process unlimited credit card transactions and offset up to 100% of processing fees.

Our Equipment Placement Program provides businesses with complementary processing equipment to make the switch to Pepper Pay simple and seamless.

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