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Payment processing made by business owners for business owners

Pepper Pay allows you to focus on growing your business by making payment processing simple. From POS systems for retail to payment gateways designed to booster your eCommerce sales, Pepper Pay allows merchants to securely and seamlessly accept payments at any time and anyway your customers require.

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Pepper Pay takes the stress out of payment processing so you can spend time building better customer relationships

We don’t take support tickets we provide real time support solutions! Eliminate delays and streamline your operations by having real time access to our support team when you need it.
Grow your business with confidence by partnering with a payment processor that doesn’t increase rates, has no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and provides complete pricing visibility.
Pepper Pay combines the hardware and software, that we have proprietarily developed and tailored for your needs, to provide you simple and seamless technology which complement each other and communicates without overlap.

A Single Payment Processing System

Tangram brings together all the necessary components to provide a fully integrated system of hardware, software and payment processing that works seamlessly

Accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards today

Benefit From a Payment Partnership

Partnering with Pepper Pay allows your business to offer customers more ways to pay, keeping the momentum of a sale, ease of doing business and allowing you to create l ong-lasting relationships with customers you already have while attracting new generations of fresh customers accustomed to “frictionless, on-the-go” payments. Contact Pepper Pay to see how easy it is to begin accepting payments with prices that can’t be beat!

Real-time approvals and processing

Eliminate delays and streamline customer operations by using a platform and hardware solution that provides seamless real-time approvals and payment processing

No rate increases with complete transparency

Confidently grow your business with a payment partner that doesn’t increase rates, has zero hidden fees and provides complete visibility into costs and pricing

Connectivity and integration

From mobile and eCommerce to POS, connect all points of sales and data into a single platform that allows your businesses to integrate once and for all, wherever you are

Start selling online

Get set up fast

Get paid fast

Accept payments from almost anywhere

Seamless ecommerce checkout

ECommerce Built For Scale

Pepper Pay empowers entrepreneurs and enterprise alike, one transaction at a time, providing business owners the value and service they deserve.

We Connect online buyers and sellers seamlessly no matter what type of business you run. Accept any and all digital payments, including debit, while getting the most cost effective and secure processing. Easily integrate our payment gateway into your payment process and gain priceless insights into your business. Enable E-invoicing, reoccurring billing, surcharging, shopping cart integration, customer information storage and analytics.

Whether looking for simple solutions like a virtual terminal and a hosted payments form, or an advanced developer API to build your own payment experience, we can support businesses of any size.

Customer-centric, next level payment processing solutions built to scale eCommerce and Omni commerce businesses and their customers. Design your frontend website knowing it will have seamless integration on the backend with an all-in-one payment processing solution that consolidates POS, chargeback management, fraud protection, shopping integration, and more.

A Single Payment Processing System

Tangram brings together all the necessary components to provide a fully integrated system of hardware, software and payment processing that works seamlessly

Accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards today

Powering All The Ways Your Retail Store Does Business

We provide a POS solution for every business model. From countertop and tablet-based apps to wireless pay-at-the-table models, we have highest security and the most affordable solutions to propel your company forward, ensuring you provide a payment process that matches your business needs.

POS solutions to fit your business because every business is different
Bill customers easily
Terminals that make selling easy, a checkout experience that brings customers back
Third party software agnostic for ease of integrations
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Whether over the phone, by order form, or in-person, Pepper Pay provides a comprehensive payment processing solution for manually entered payments.

Retail-Focused Features

Provide a true Omnichannel experience and save yourself time and money with a single provider. Bring together in-store, online, mobile transactions, etc., centralized reporting and analysis and simplify payment operations to reduce costs with a one-stop-shop approach.

POS Agnostic

Pepper Pay’s payment processing solutions are POS agnostic so retail merchants like you can integrate with your POS of choice, streamlining operations so you can provide a more fluid, customer-centric experience with a robust device catalog offering a completely tailored offering to your business.

Streamline your operations and maximize efficiency, from Front-End to Back-End, Retailers require flexibility, and so should your payment processing.

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